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As Perth’s law firm with the difference, Pragma Legal offers quality and affordable advice to clients across Western Australia. We do this by:

Using Excellent Lawyers

Our lawyers choose to work with us because of the pragmatic way we practice law.  Our lawyers sit on extra-curricular boards and committees that have objectives and purposes related to the betterment of justice.

Being A Quality Assured Practice

We are Quality Practice Standard (QPS) approved by the Law Society of Western Australia: this means we adhere to internal processes designed to improve client satisfaction and avoid wastage.

Taking a proportional approach

We aim to only take steps where the time and cost incurred is proportional to the achievement of a fair and just outcome. This assists in keeping legal cost down.

Being Affordable

Pragma generally charges lower rates. We charge $95 per hour for our paralegals to $420 per hour for our lawyers (GST exclusive). These rates are less than the mandated rates set by the Legal Costs Committee for practitioners in Western Australia.

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How we are different

No Surprises

This means where an estimate of legal fees has been provided we will stick to that estimate or, where the services provided are greater than initially anticipated, we will revise the estimate well in advance of performing the work.  We don’t send accounts for payment that exceed estimates, so there are no surprises.

Not charging for the “small” stuff

We  don’t charge for the “small” stuff like: low scale printing / photocopying or disbursement charges for faxes and phone calls. You can contact us to find out more.

Being amenable to alternative fee arrangements

Engaging a lawyer can be expensive. We appreciate that our clients may be interested in a fee structure other than standard hourly billing. These include fixed costs (see our fixed fee mediation strategy for example) or success based fees.

Seeking alternative dispute resolution at an early stage

(If appropriate to do so) more disputes are finalised after mediation than after a trial. Our experience suggest that clients gain from referring cases to mediation or other modes of alternative dispute resolution early.

Fixed-fee early mediation

We aim to provide our clients with advice on the best ways to resolve a dispute. This includes providing advice wherever possible that is pragmatic and cost effective. In accordance with this aim, we offer our clients a fixed fee early mediation service.

Legal services we provide

Pragma provides advice on the best way to resolve a dispute. We accept instructions in a variety of areas including:

Building and Construction Disputes

Identify, prevent, manage and minimize your risks and exposure in all construction and building projects. We can provide you with strategic advice and methods to mitigate loss.

Financial Services Claims

Claims arising from misleading or deceptive conduct, claims against financial services providers, insurance-related disputes and claims of professional negligence.

Commercial Advice

Insolvency-related matters

Who We Are

What our clients say

  • "I engaged with Pragma legal service and Mr. Aaron McDonald regarding a personal matter that needed legal actions and advice.  I found the firm and Aaron to be spot on with timely reactions and actions and their follow through was excellent.  I can highly recommend this firm, and in particular, Mr. Aaron McDonald, to anyone needing legal advice and or actions."

    Bill Antonace
    Bill Antonace Vice President, Clough Ltd
  • "I take my hat off to you both, what an outstanding job...for you guys to get a commitment...was just short of a miracle. Take a bow and a hearty pat on the back from me. We hope we don’t need your services too often but I would certainly not deal with any other legal firm but yours."

    Colin Bahn
    Colin Bahn CEO, Global Care Group (GCG) Incorporated
  • "After recently engaging Pragma Legal for advice I was extremely impressed by their high attention to detail, straight-talking manner and ability to achieve an expedient resolution. In particular the work completed by Mr McDonald was exceptional. I extend my highest recommendation."

    Leon Warburton CEO & CIO, Warburton Investment Management
  • "Aaron McDonald delivers on the promise of timely and professional service. He is focussed on practical outcomes for his clients and is cost effective. We are happy to recommend AaronMcDonald & Pragma Legal."

    Gino Terriaca
    Gino Terriaca Managing Director, Maxim Group
  • "Whether it’s general advice or relating to a specific matter, PragmaLegal (Aaron McDonald) provides a high level of service with a quick turnaround time. Their wealth of knowledge and experience was evidentand it was a pleasure working with them."

    Antony Crossland
    Antony Crossland Executive, Altegra Property Group
  • "We have developed an excellent working relationship with Pragma Legal and have found that this practice provides excellent advice and timely responses to complex issues. We have also been offered a range of options to assist in managing legal issues to the best outcome for our organisation. Would highly recommend Pragma Legal."

    Amelia Gooch Former CEO & General Manager, Global Care Group
  • "I am very happy to have found Pragma Legal and Aaron. Prompt, relevant, economical = excellent."

    Jasper Trendall
    Jasper Trendall Director, Sea Dragon Botanicals
  • When faced with a serious contract dispute, I was reassured to be recommended by a knowledgeable colleague to consult Pragma Legal. On the first consultation (at no cost) my predicament  was clearly outlined and options canvased. Tina McAulay worked to expedite an effective solution which quickly resolved the issue while ensuring minimal costs. Overall, a great level of service that deserved high recommendation. Thanks, Pragma!

    David Hults

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