It is often the case clients come to a free 15 minute meeting expecting to walk out with their legal matter completely resolved.

However there are 5 fundamental reasons as to why this usually will not occur:

  • Lawyers (like many other professionals) have both a fiduciary duties and professional standards that they must abide by at all times. This means that they should not give advice without first being apprised of all the facts. This is something which takes time (and therefore money) but is necessary for the client to receive competent and appropriate advice.
  • At Pragma Legal we have a focus on our lawyer – client relationship. This means we want to take the time to hear the facts as you see them and what the important issues are to you. Free 15 minute meetings can provide a good opportunity for clients to be able to do this but does not allow for the matter to be resolved at its conclusion. Normally, we can suggest one or more solutions on the limited instructions we have received. However this will require further investigation.
  • Clients may not fully appreciate the depth of their legal matter. What may seem like a small matter to a client may have implications that mean their matter has many legal issues intertwined within it.
  • Legal matters often necessarily involve an adverse party. The ability to get into contact with, negotiate and come to an amicable resolution with this adverse party takes time.
  • The resolution of legal matters, even when they come to a reasonably quick conclusion, will involve documents to be drafted to reflect the agreement of the parties involved. The process of drafting an adequate agreement or other document requires a high level of skill, care and diligence and therefore time.

We understand often being involved in a legal matter increases the stress of our clients. We therefore aim to provide competent and concise advice in an efficient manner to resolve your issue in as short a period as possible. At Pragma Legal we aim to negotiate a financially sensible outcome for all parties, so that the time and expense of formal legal proceedings can be avoided.
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