‘Pro bono’ refers to services provided by lawyers, for free or at a reduced cost.  In October 2016, Pragma Legal became a signatory to the National Pro Bono Aspirational Target.  This means we are mindful of the professional responsibility of all lawyers to provide pro bono legal services to address the unmet legal need of the poor and disadvantaged in our community.

National Pro Bono Aspirational Target

We endorse the Australian Pro Bono Centre’s Statement of Principles. Our lawyers undertake to meet the minimum target (35 hours) of pro bono legal services per annum and we monitor our progress to ensure this target is met.  We have a strong pro bono legal practice.  Further information is available on request by emailing the firm’s Director, Aaron McDonald, on

Pro Bono Requests

If you or somebody you know is seeking pro bono assistance, you can contact us by clicking here.  In order for us to meaningfully consider a request for assistance please provide the following information:

(a) whether the matter is for the public good and if so, how;

(b) whether the matter is in the public interest or relates to an issue of broad community concern and if so, how; and

(c) whether the matter will benefit any disadvantaged or marginalised person(s) and if so, how.

We otherwise recommend contacting Legal Aid or Law Access for assistance.


A photograph from the presentation delivered by formerACCC Commissioner Mr Sitesh Bhojani, Curtis Ward (CCLSWA) and Aaron McDonald. The presentation raised approximately $1,500 towards improving access to justice, with proceeds going to The Piddington Justice Project and CCLSWA.

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A photograph from the presentation delivered by Nick van Hattem (State Solicitor’s Office), Adjunct Professor Barbara Gordon (UWA), Chris Pearce (Blackwall Legal), Daniel Bredenkamp (Pitcher Partners) and Aaron McDonald.  The presentation was in relation to the interaction of insolvency and consumer laws when a retail giant collapses. The presentation raised monies towards improving access to justice, with proceeds going to CCLSWA.


Tina McAulay participating in the Walk for Justice in support of


Aaron McDonald volunteering with the Subiaco Legal Service.

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