Pragma Legal advises and represents clients in all phases of the acquisition, sale, development and leasing of residential, commercial or industrial property, whether those clients are first home buyers, seasoned property investors or dealing with a deceased estate.

Pragma Legal can accept instructions from all clients in relation to:

  • the purchase of their first home or a property investment, including the preparation of all contracts and special conditions and completing settlement on your behalf;
  • commercial and retail shop leasing;
  • transferring properties:
    • to or between spouses;
    • following the death of a registered proprietor either to a surviving spouse or the beneficiaries of a will;
    • to give effect to Family Court orders;
    • to a new trustee of a trust; and
  • to assist in resolving disputes between parties in respect of any of the above.

We ensure that all property transactions are carried out swiftly and on time without unnecessary stress to you.  If you would like some property advice, please contact our office to arrange a free 15 minute consult with one of our lawyers.

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